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Atka Meat guarantees a marbling score of 7 and above
Cut by Master Butchers
only the best cuts
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Hormone free
All our meat is hormone free
Karoo lamb is distinguished from other forms of lamb due to certain criteria mostly relating to geographical location as well as how the sheep are raised. Karoo lamb originates in the Karoo district, a district that covers 40% of South Africa.

Rainfall varies across the region but the Williston area where all our animals are bred receive a maximum annual rainfall of 150 ml. However, for the last 8 years we have been experiencing a serious drought, so our rainfall has been substantially less. Due to the sparse amounts of rain, this area is very dry and often looked over when driving past. But if you stop to carefully look at your surroundings, you’d be amazed at the hidden gem that you’ve discovered. The flora that you are surrounded by typically includes small bushes, aloes, shrubs and succulents. These plants can survive the Karoo’s extreme climate from cold winters to hot summers with minimum rainfall.

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Wagyu Sirloin steak MS 6-7

Also known as Top Sirloin

Wagyu patties 200gm

4 Patties are included in
(800g )

Wagyu ribeye steak MS 6-7

Wagyu ribeye steak

Wagyu Bavette Steak

The Wagyu flank steak is
R544.96 per Kg

Wagyu Silverside Biltong

Silverside is a term used
R178.95 per Kg

Wagyu Beef Flat Iron Steak

Wagyu Beef Flat Iron Steak
R492.59 per Kg

Wagyu fillet steak MS 6-7

The tenderloin is the most

Wagyu picanha

What is Wagyu picanha? This
R375.00 per Kg

Wagyu rump steak MS 6-7

Grass-fed wagyu steaks cut from

Wagyu Denver steak

wagyu denver steak
R565.38 per Kg

Wagyu Deboned Brisket

Wagyu brisket In many ways,
R208.73 per Kg

Wagyu Rump steaks MS 4-5

Rump is a popular steak

Wagyu fillet MS 4-5

Filet (Filet Mignon) is one

Wagyu ribeye steak MS 4-5

This particular cut comes from

Wagyu Sirloin MS 4-5

Sirloin is a popular cut

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