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Karoo landscape

Karoo lamb is distinguished from other forms of lamb due to certain criteria mostly relating to geographical location as well as how the sheep are raised. Karoo lamb originates in the Karoo district, a district that covers 40% of South Africa.

Rainfall varies across the region but the Williston area where all our sheep are located receive maximum an annual rainfall of 150 ml per annum. However, for the last 8 years we have been experiencing a serious drought, so our rainfall has been substantially less. Due to the sparse amounts of rain, this area is very dry and often looked over when driving past. But if you stop to carefully look at your surroundings, you’d be amazed at the hidden gem that you’ve discovered. The flora that you are surrounded by typically includes small bushes, aloes, shrubs and succulents. These plants can survive the Karoo’s extreme climate from cold winters to hot summers with minimum rainfall.

Karoo lamb has a distinct flavour that is due to the natural shrubs the animals can graze on with free access. There are 6 identifying shrubs that are located indigenously on our farm, these are the shrubs that allow us to classify our lamb as ‘Karoo lamb.’ These indigenous shrubs include Ankerkaroo, Kapokbos, Rivierganna, Silverkaroo, Boegoekaroo and Skaapbossie.

All our meat is free-range, we farm on a minimum ratio of 10 hectares of farmland to one animal. Our meat is free-range since animals have free access to veld grazing, have a constant supply of fresh water and have access to additional supplementary feed if needed. The supplementary feed is provided during harsh droughts and also help to improve the condition of the animal for reproduction purposes.

When braaing or cooking our meat, we recommend not to overpower the meat’s natural flavour with spices but rather only season the meat with salt and pepper. This will allow you to experience in the meat’s natural flavour in all its glory.

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